Get your GAME ON!!

We’ve added MORE! Come try out some new titles such as: Ticket Time, Piano Keys, Quick Drop, Spongebob Pineapple, Fish Bowl Frenzy, Big Bass Wheel, and Pac-man air hockey. Frames n’ Games is now offering MORE THAN 60 Arcade Games and Video Machines, with a full, top of the line Redemption Counter, with prizes for everyone. If you have what it takes to conquer games such as Halo, World Largest Pac-man, Galaga, Jurassic Park, Walking Dead, Pump It Up Pro, Typhoon, Razing Storm, Guitar Hero, and more, then come show us your stuff!



Come and check out our latest attraction craze. Frames N’ Games’ 5D Motion Movie ride!!! An experience of a 5 Dimensional Movie, where your seat responds and moves, with a combination of scents, wind, and water mist…you BECOME a part of the Movie! With 25 Movies to choose from, we have everything from kid friendly cartoons, to Action/Adventure, or a scary thriller to excite all of your senses! Come and enjoy the special effects this experience has like no other!

1 Show- $3.50/per person
2 Shows- $6.00/per person